We offer a wide range of comprehensive insurance policies from many of the largest and most respected names in the business that can be tailored to your unique needs. No matter what size it is, we have the right policy for your operation.

Our experienced trucking insurance professionals have substantial knowledge of the trucking business and you can be confident that you are getting the right amount of coverage and are adequately protected, without paying for more than you need. Our goal is to earn your trust and make you a customer for life.

Below are some of the many coverages we offer:

Primary Liability

Insurance that is required by federal regulations. Every carrier must obtain liability insurance on every rig even on leased units. Liability insurance protects you when a third party is injured in an accident. Owner-Operators should ask when leasing onto a company who will pay for their insurance-the company or from driver weekly settlements?

Physical Damage

Insurance that is coverage for your own truck and trailer. Your premium is based on the value of your equipment. Usually a percentage of the value. This coverage is not required by law, but if you finance your vehicle the lienholder will require it. It is important to insure your vehicle for the real value. Not over or under value the vehicle as the insurance company will only pay market value at the time of loss.

Motor Truck Cargo

Covers damage/loss to freight in transit. This coverage can have many exclusions such as unattended vehicle, maximum theft limitations on target commodities such as garments, liquor, electronics and a whole host of others. It is very important to read this policy closely in the event you think you may be covered for something and you are not.

General Liability

Insurance that protects the business for any property damage or bodily injury that might occur which does not involve a truck. Typical examples of this would include the slip and fall exposure at your place of business, advertising related exposures, and/or contractual exposures you may get involved in.

Excess/Umbrella Coverages

Additional coverage that is triggered once the underlying policy line of insurance is exhausted.

Excess: Specific to Line of Business

Umbrella: Collective over all lines of coverage and in some cases, provides coverage where an underlying line of business does not exist.

Workers Compensation

In most ways, this insurance works no differently in trucking as compared to other industries. It protects your company’s drivers who suffer a work-related illness or injury by providing medical benefits & lawsuit defense. Some states require that all trucking employees be covered by Workers’ Compensation.

Non-Trucking Liability

Insurance that pays for an accident when the driver/truck is not under dispatch. This coverage is sometimes referred to as deadhead coverage or bobtail liability.

Passenger Accident

This coverage protects insureds from liabilities when passengers are riding in company trucks that get into an auto accident. In most states, a passenger can sue the trucking company and driver of the truck if they are injured in an accident while riding as a guest.

Occupational Accident

Insurance that provides both employees and their employers financial protection to an extent in case of a work-related illness or injury. These plans often have more flexibility than Workers Comp policies.

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